ICEICE Accountants Package

ICE Accountants' Package was developed for the practising accountants. First version was released in 1983 followed by the second edition in 1987. The Version 3 was released in 2001. ICE is not only an accounting package but also an office management, and communications package with extensive supportive modules. The technology developed by acpac pty ltd is currently a world leader in virtual office creations. Refer to the virtual office page for further details.

LedgersFinancial Accounting System

The core program of the ICE Accountants' package. It provides efficiency in processing of financial transactions and producing high quality reports. Includes asset register and GST reports. Will also accept imports from Quick Books and MYOB accounting packages.

MessageOffice Communications

An invaluable tool for office communications. Internal messaging, secure chat lines, and electronic office notice boards. No other comparable product exists in the market.

PayrollPayroll Package

May be operated in the most basic or most comprehensive manner depending on the requirements of each client. Incorporates Superannuation, workcover, and cotractors records.

BillingAccounts Receivable/Payable Packages

The package provides billing and accounts payable systems with extensive analytical reports for both your firm and your clients.

Cash BooksCash Books

An offshot module you can provide to your clients. Encompasses simple, multi column accounting system, with import/export facilities, designed for the use of non-accountants. It incorporates a simple and efficient billing/invoicing module. Rolls over into your Financial Accounting System.

SupportAccounting Support Utilities

Formwriter module provides support packages such as Accountants Work Book, Form 19, Self Managed Super Funds module, and many other tools for practising accountants. Integrated with Financial Accounting System.

Cash FlowsProjected Income & Cash Flows

A delightfully simple to use module. Provides projected monthly income and cash flows statements with graphical presentations and automatically generated break even point charts. No other similar product exists in the market.

Offfice Management

A comprehensive set of tools are provided for efficient management of your office personnel. These include production budgets, dynamic performance reports, job scheduling, and time/work tracers. No other comparable product exists in the market.

CostingBudgets/Projects/Product Costing/ Pricing

A number of integrated modules are provided to generate comprehensive product costing, pricing and budgeting. Valuable tools for the use of the management of your clients. Comparable programs worth thousands of dollars in the market.

Office Secretarial Modules

A number of modules are provided for office secretarial funcitons. These include appointment books, what is on today notices, tasks lists and electronic reminders, electronic notes, personalized clendars, contact lists, and many more.

Many Many More

Many other modules and facilities such as automated backups, computer management and centralized menus, extensive security and rights allocation facilities, client utilities, periodical and dissectionalized reports, exports to MS Word and Excel, Reports Archiving, etc etc.

Client Manageement

The System Manager keeps track of thousands of clients. It maintains dynamic indexes, provides access, security, job scheduling, and countless other functions to the clients.