Introduction to ICE

ICE Package is not a simple financial accounting program. It is a fully fledged Practice Management system. It includes countless features to provide an efficient and productive office environment. These include secretarial, office communications, personnel management, billing, productivity control, security, access rights as well as comprehensive accounting tools such as financial accounting, payroll, accounts receivables, etc. It also provides integration with clients with child modules produced for the use of clients.

Reception & Secretarial

ICE package will become the main receiption & secretarial tool for your office. Its functions include appointment books, messaging system, and reminders.

Personal Secretarial Tools

Each user is provided with a set of personal secretarial tools. These include personilized calendars, task lists and reminders, personalized address books & personalized notes.

Office Communications

ICE communication facilities include dynamic on line messaging system, on line chatting and conferencing, office bulettins, memos, and policy declarations, etc.

Orginized Menu System

ICE Package provides a Menu System not only for ICE products but also to run and manage all other programs on your computer. This will enable you to organize and manage all programs including, access rights and restrictions, access tracing, grouping and structuring of documents and programs etc.

Client Management

ICE System Manager manages up to 9999 clients. The clients are recorded in a dynamically sorted client data base. Matters such as access, scheduling and allocation of the clients work, automated courtesy letters for approaching deadlines, client notes, and many other features are provided. In addition, the package provides an automatically generated alpha numerical client list to be used for filing of income tax returns.

ICE Ledgers

ICE Ledgers is the most important module of the ICE Package. It has evolved from Acpac Ledgers which was first introduced in early 1980's. It has been extensively used and tested by practising accountans, and has been constantly improved for over 20 years to achieve the efficiency, reliablility, and quality that it now presents.

ICE Payroll

This package provides for all requirements for keeping payroll records and producing necessary reports. It comes with electronic PAYG lodgement module. It is a flexible package that can be used in levels of sophistication ranging from simplest to very comprehensive. A different level of sophistication can be applied to each client.

Accountants' Work Book

This is product, the equal of which does not exist in the market. It provides for mostly automatically generated notes, lists, reconciliations, accountants procedures check lists, engagement letters, authorizations, minutes of meetings, and many more features. Using this module, will improve your internal quality control procedures in a very substantial way.

Form 2

This form is also known as Form 19, or Section 52 statement. To a large degree it is autoamitally generated from ICE Ledgers. It is so fast and easy to use that it would be embarrassing to produce this document in the presence of your clients.

Self Managed Super Funds

This package automatically calculates allocation of net investment income and related taxes to the members and produces all necessary reports, members statements, and minutes of meetings of trustees from data derived from ICE Ledgers.

Projected Income & Cash Flows

An unequalled product. Nothing comparable exists in the market. This module will enable you to produce a comprehensive monthly projected income and cash flow statement together with graphic presentations and automatically generated Break Even point chart in less than one hour. It is also connected to ICE Ledgers.

Accounts Receivable

A comprehensive billing package with extensive analyitical reports is provided for the use of your firm. It is also connected to Office Production Control modules. The system can also be tailored for the use of your clients.

Product Costing, Pricing, & Budgets

This is a comprehensive costing and pricing package. It can be used both by manufacturing and service industries. It is based on standard absorbtion costing and it is connected with Projected Income & Cash Flows, and Accounts Receivable modules.

ICE Cash Books

ICE Cash Books will become one of the most important ingredients of your practice. It is a multi column journal module for the use of your clients. It is very flexible and can take countless shapes to suit the requirements of each and every client. It comes with an invoicing and accounts receivable module. It will provide the basic reports for your client. The program is developed as a tool for GST. It will export data from the client's computer to your system which is then rolled over, transaction by transaction, into ICE Ledgers.

Office Personnel Management

ICE System Manager, can manage up to 999 users. It provides extensive personnel management tools. It keeps track of working hours, where one set of records is automatically created and another set is directly entered by the personnel. Yet another facility enables the management to view whether an officer is currently logged on, when has he started, which program is he using, and who is he working on. Another program keeps track of every activity, minute by minute, of each and every user. One other facility is the electronic charge book where each employee enter his charge times for billing. Charge books are also utilized by Office Production Budgeting and Control functions outlined below. The program will also provide a calendar system where annual leaves, public holidays, etc are specified.


Work Scheduling

This System provides allocation of the human resources of your practice to jobs. You will post each client's repetitive jobs, such as Annual Financial Accounts & Tax Returns, Quarterly BAS returns, Quarterly PAYG Witholding returns, Annual GST Lodgements, etc. You will then allocate these jobs to the members of your practice. ICE System Manager will keep track of each job and will notify the user for any approaching deadlines. It will also provide courtesy letters to clients requesting necessary documentation. It will alert the management if an allocated job is not done on time. The jobs schedules will be rolled over from year to year. The program will provide extensive monthly analytical reports regarding man hours allocated to each office member and each client.

Office Production Control

ICE provides a system where the the management can post the expected budgeted production of each employee. The package provides comprehensive monthly performance analysis reports and charts. In addition, each employee is presented with dynamic personalized performance reports, automatically created and updated as client charges are entered.


The package provides muti fold security systems. You may restrict access to specified clients, programs, and functions. The restrictions may be individualized or based on security levels of the office personnel. It also provides facilities to restrict the access rights of external users.

What is on the Horizon?

ICE package is constantly developed and updated. Currently and integrated Accounts Payable, Stock Control, and Production Scheduling programs are under development.

Installation Alternatives

ICE Package may be utilized in a variety of manners ranging from a stand alone computer to a intranet environment. The program has flexibility to provide various security levels and configurations. However, the most of the management and control aspects of the package will be best utilised in most sophisticated environments.