Users' Problems


In ICE Cash Books, I cannot see the stored entities list in one of my computers.

The main reason for this problem is that the pointer to the stored entities folder is not properly set. The following steps will fix the problem.

Click on Storage button

Click Current Year button in the Set Directories frame

Normally the stored entities should be located in the following folder:

C:\program files\ice\cbkpost\Ent-1\Zip

In networked environments, drive C could be another drive.  In such a case, replace the letter C with the letter representing the drive where the ICE package is located.


My GST Report is constantly reporting that a transaction's date is incorrect even though the date is correct.

In ICE Ledgers, the GST report is based on the date of the first transaction.  Ensure that you have a correct date within the current financial year on the first transaction.  It is not important if you have any amount entered for the first transaction, but it must have a date.


I have attempted to recreate the opening balances from the previous period in ICE Ledgers.  This has resulted in loosing my existing postings.

You need to ensure that your last journal is closed before attempting this procedure.  The current version does not allow you to recreate the opening balances before closing your last journal.  Please take an update from the downloads section.  It is also advisable to zip the data to the zip folder in ICE Ledgers, Data Management section to create a backup copy of the client prior to attempting any complicated function.  Zipping is a very simple procedure and takes only few seconds.  But it will provide a backup if you make a mistake.  If you have not undertook this procedure either, then refer to your last backup and restore the client.


I am having an Overflow Error when attempting to rollover data from ICE Cash Books to ICE Ledgers.  What is the problem?

Most likely, you have a reference number in cash books above 31000.  ICE Ledgers work on three digit reference numbers and will not accept any reference numbers greater than 31000.


The Comparatives Column in my ICE Ledgers Reports appears black.  How can I fix this?

The ICE Package provides a separate color choice for each user.  It is most likely that you have not set your color choices for your Ledgers Reports.  While in ICE Ledgers package, click on reports.  Within the reports menu, under the Fonts and Language button you will see a black rectangle.  Click on it.  Then click on one of the color boxes represented underneath.  This will fix your problem.


I am trying to copy in the data of a client from a floppy disk into the ICE Ledgers.  The disk light does not come on, and nothing happens.

Most likely, you are not entering the correct client number into the External Data Management module.  The client number is the number of the client on the floppy disk, not the client number in your system.  If you are not sure, check the contents of the floppy disk.  The client number will be the number shown after the first three letters of the data files - eg.  Led-123.dat will indicate that client number is 123.


I click on the Accounts Receivable icon and found that all my invoices disappeared.  What has happened?

When selecting Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, or Analysis modules, the program will check if the selected client is set for these modules.  If it is, then you will be presented with the data of the selected client, not your firm's.  If the selected client has no invoices, then you will see no invoices.  Unselect the client in the System Manager and start Accounts Receivables module.  Most likely you will now see all your invoices.


How do I copy the depreciable assets from one client to another?

ICE Ledgers does not specifically provides for this function.  However, the program functions can be utilized to perform this function.  Firstly, in ICE Ledgers copy the source client on a floppy disk using data management options.  Then start the destination client in ICE Ledgers.  Follow the below listed selections:


Asset Register


Copy Assets from Floppy Disk


For the source client number, enter the number of the source client copied on the floppy disk.